About Stacy McBride Collections

Stacy McBride Collections is a business built around the simple concept of bringing women together in a fun, relaxing environment and then helping them to feel and look beautiful.

“What woman doesn’t love jewelry?”, asks company president and founder Stacy Ryan.  “I wanted to create a line that women could wear for every occasion, not just a special occasion.”  Stacy spends countless hours selecting and fashioning the pieces for each collection.  Her line of jewelry can’t be described with any particular style.  It leans toward the eclectic.  “As a woman, I know I have different moods and a variety of tastes,” Stacy explains.  “Sometimes I feel like wearing something dainty and sweet.  On other occasions, I want something dramatic and striking.”  The Stacy McBride Collection seeks to reflect a woman’s many moods.

One of the goals with her company is to provide affordable jewelry so that women can treat themselves without feeling guilty and without breaking the bank.

She has structured her business to help other women find success.  Stacy says if someone is willing to work hard, she is willing to help them succeed.  “In this day and age, there are a lot of women out there who are struggling.  And you hear these stories of women who find a way to dig themselves out of a hole.  I want to be part of some of these stories.  I want my company to be responsible for a lot of success.”

If you are into fashion, fun and friends, come join us for one of our relaxed, casual get-togethers.  We promise you’ll find plenty of tempting jewelry and a tremendous opportunity for anyone who truly believes work should be a pleasure.